On March 1st, the BC International Program hosted their annual “Reader” program in the school lecture hall. The theme of this Chinese cultural event was “Our Decade”. Accompanied by live piano music, the readers presented a variety of skits and passages. These activities were diverse and colorful, and showed not only our students’ enthusiasm toward the event, but also their infinite love for literature.

12A Edward 12C William Johnson Jerry 12D James Eric Rex Andrew Justin

After studying The True Story of Ah Q in language class, we discovered that one of our friends is very similar to the character in the novel. Inspired by this unexpected association, we decided to perform a new story of Ah Q. Through what Ah Q saw and heard when he crossed over to modern society, as well as his lament when he returned to the teahouse again at the end, it brought us a lot of thoughts. With the change of time, people’s thoughts are changing with the times, and we, as students of the new era, should try our best to serve our country. At the same time, our teacher also gave us a lot of suggestions for improvement, so that our final presentation would be perfect.

10B Selina Cissy Cherry Olivia

The poem we brought out, “This Decade of Ours”, shows the pursuit and yearning for goodness as well as elaborates on some doubts, unanswered questions, and confusions about youth that many young people will experience. What we want to convey is that everyone may experience times of confusion, accept yourself frankly, love yourself, and run to a better future.

10A Evelyn Sherrie

We bring a recitation of a famous piece by poet-writer Chi Tzu Chien, “How Time Walks”. In it, the poet suggests that as life changes, time is always firm and unchanging. Time is eternal, but the time we have is limited, so we have to seize the opportunity and cherish the present moment. This piece, recorded from childhood to today, more than a decade later, is also very much in line with the theme of this decade. In my opinion, the Read Aloud campaign can help us understand the meaning of recitation and make us more active in language learning while appreciating the beauty of Chinese culture.

10B Rebecca

I like the work “Up’s Shanghai Insights” the most. The guided tour shows us the unique alleyways, Shikumen, and the Four Great Vajras of old Shanghai, giving us a glimpse of the charm and deep cultural heritage of old Shanghai. The small theater format is new and fascinating, and, at the end, it also expresses the idea that tradition is being lost.

10A Sunny

Among several performances I preferred “To the Past and the Future”. Through several student readings, I gained a deeper appreciation of Shanghai’s historical development and urban changes. It has gone from a small fishing village to a cosmopolitan city, and the narrow alleys have turned into high-rise buildings. While we explore the past, we also consider the present and curate the future.

代慧老师 Ms. Grace

By reciting classics, appreciating Chinese culture, passing on the national spirit, and creating modern Chinese with Chinese charm and national temperament, children learn to cultivate their virtue and their temperament, and to broaden their minds in the traditions of classical recitation. I most enjoyed the new story of Ah Q, and the recitation of the century-old Shanghai.

The BC program is an international program that develops students with both international vision and Chinese feelings. Rich and varied Chinese course activities not only provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, but also develop a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and truly become a “rooted” Chinese!