The Spring Festival’s mood has gently vanished, and the tempo of the winter break is steadily fading. With the start of the new semester, we are in the dazzling spring of February. The annual plan is in the spring, and I think the students are prepared to demonstrate their goals in the upcoming semester! (图1-2)

12C  Danny

After the winter vacation, we were happier, healthier, and most significantly, more confident. We’re starting a new semester; may our coursework improve this time around!

12B  Olivia

My goal for the upcoming semester is to maintain getting better in my academic classes. But given that this is already my final semester, I also selected several electives like media art and textiles in the hopes of gaining some useful skills. generally maintain my grades while also being content.

11C  Andy

I’m hoping to keep up my studies in the upcoming semester, get better grades, and submit an application to a respectable university. Today’s issue is resolved; proceed with all tasks steadily. All the questions are answerable; persistence is rewarded. I hope that every student can achieve their goals!

11A  Isabella

Spring is approaching, and this week I sensed the lively learning environment that has been missing from campus life for so long. I’m hoping that the upcoming semester will bring me more close friendships, a greater commitment to each class, and the achievement of my objective in accordance with my own plan.

10D  Estefania

I’m hoping that by pushing myself academically this semester, I’ll be able to spend more time honing my English and get my ideal IELTS score. Set objectives and stretch yourself. Make your own plans and have a positive outlook.

10B  Cherry

In the coming term, I’m hoping to meet more people and maintain my academic success. putting together a good plan and acquiring great time management skills. in order to have more free time to pursue my interests and pick up new skills.

I hope that all of the wishes of the students come true, that they are healthy and content to enjoy their time studying on campus and advance more!